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We provide a comprehensive array of Tree Surgeon services for residential and commercial properties in the vicinity of Glasgow. Our services encompass crown cleaning, removal of deceased branches, crown raising to facilitate the installation of road signs or telephone wires, crown thinning to enhance natural lighting, and everything in between. At Treetech Services, our team is dedicated to assisting you with these tree surgeon services. With our extensive qualifications and experience, we are fully prepared to deliver the tree surgeon services you require.




Treetech Services

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Treetech Services

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Our garden maintenance service is a complete package ideal for caring for your garden. We can offer a tailored service including a combination of lawn mowing, hedge cutting and tree pruning services as needed.

Our team offers expert and efficient lawn mowing services perfect for all your domestic and commercial lawn maintenance needs.

Our hedge cutting services include everything from a simple trim to cutting back an overgrown hedge to improving the shape of your hedge as it grows in.

We offer a full range of tree pruning services, including crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, crown cleaning and tree pollarding. Whether you need a tree pruned for public health and safety, to manage the health of the tree or to bring more light into your garden, our team is here to help.

We offer a comprehensive range of tree removal service including tree felling, sectional felling, dismantling, timber extraction, wood chipping and stump grinding. This service is well suited to remove trees which pose a threat to safety or property due to its size or lack of structural integrity.

Sometimes, storms, animal activity, vehicle accidents and more causes a previously safe tree to become a hazard. When this happens, we recommend calling in a professional tree surgeon as soon as possible. At Treetech Services, we are committed to providing emergency tree work services within 24 hours. Whether a tree has fallen upon your drive, building or access path, our team of tree surgeons are here to help.